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Products > pH Controllers and pH Monitors > Micro pH Controller
[RFI Micro pH Controller]


An advance pH controller for saltwater aquariums and plant aquariums.

Micro pH controller includes pH probe and one set of pH calibration fluid. Excellent for reef aquarium with calcium reactor setup and plant aquarium with CO2 setup. Calibration of a new pH probe is done just a push of buttons.

One year warranty from the purchase date (excludes pH probe); pH probe has 90 day warranty. A proof of purchase is required for warranty claim.



  • Microprocessor base pH controller
  • All programmable functions are done with a touch of keypad
  • No screws or knobs to turn
  • 0.6" easy to read LED display
  • LED light indicators
  • Measures pH 0 to pH 14
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01 pH
  • Select Hi or Low Action
  • Automatic digital calibration for pH7 and pH4
  • Display pH reading continuously

Click here to view user's manual in PDF format.

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